Windsor Lake

The suburban sprawl of Conroe is home to many different neighborhoods, but one that stands out among them all has got to be Windsor Lakes. This picturesque community can easily accommodate several residents and has access to many nearby beautiful amenities for its residents.

The accessibility from major roads makes getting around town easy; there are also schools nearby if you’re planning on sending your kids off into this world someday soon…

Imagine waking up in the morning and counting your lucky stars that you live near such a beautiful place as this. You’ll never feel happier than when there’s water at your doorstep, ready to take on all those daily tasks without fail.

The median real estate price in the Windsor Lake community is $387,394, which makes it more costly than 78.8 percent of communities across Texas and 63.5 percent within America as a whole.

The community of Windsor Lakes has a higher cost for rentals which makes it stand out among other places within our state. With an average rental price of $1,830, this neighborhood is more expensive than 70.3 percent of other areas in Texas.

The real estate in Windsor Lakes is a lot like the neighborhood itself – small and medium-sized. There are apartments of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges: some people might call them high-rise, but we think they’re just fine as single-family homes. There really isn’t anything too fancy about this area either; it’s simple yet stylish at times, with its natural beauty right outside your doorstep or window.

There are multiple different housing options in the Windsor Lakes neighborhood. There’s everything from small apartments for singles, couples, or families with children to large homes that can accommodate up to four bedrooms and more.

The vast majority of homes in this Conroe area are occupied by their owners, with newer residential construction dating back to 2000 or later. There’s also a significant number that were built between 1970 and 1979 – which makes them perfect candidates if you’re considering some history on your property.

The neighborhood of Windsor Lakes stands out for having a higher proportion of workers who drive themselves to work each day. In this area, 98% do so, which is more than the average level found in other American neighborhoods (98.9%).

Consider the peaceful and quiet Windsor Lakes neighborhood if you’re considering a place to retire. It has above-average safety ratings compared with other TX neighborhoods and offers a variety of housing options that cater well across income levels (and include manufactured homes), as well as seniors who have already made this their home. This Conroe area ranks better than 89 percent of other Texas communities – so it’s not just good now but will be even more valuable when we grow old together here at last.

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