Wigginsville is a beautiful rural neighborhood situated in Conroe, Texas, with a median real estate price of $291,479. This is more costly than 65.3% of the communities across Texas and 49.9% across the United States.

The average monthly rental price in the Wigginsville community is currently $1,522, which is lower than 48.0% of the communities across  Texas. As a result, the Wigginsville neighborhood is the perfect community for those who are looking for a slower-paced lifestyle outside of the hustle and bustle of the city.

This Conroe community provides residents with stunning scenery, peaceful surroundings, and plenty of opportunities to explore the great outdoors. So, If you’re considering a permanent home or a vacation home, Wigginsville is an ideal location to consider.

Wigginsville is an excellent neighborhood that is primarily made up of medium to small-sized homes. Residents can find plenty of recreational activities nearby, as well as many amenities. The real estate here is quite reasonable, making Wigginsville an affordable place to live. This beautiful neighborhood is perfect for those residents desiring to be close to the action but still have a quiet and comfortable community to call home.

Owner-occupied residences are very common in Wigginsville, with many of the homes being established but not old. This is a great Conroe community to raise a family or retire. The community here is close-knit and friendly, making it a great location to live.

The majority of this Conroe neighborhood’s homes were constructed between 1970-1999. However, there are a good amount of residences that were constructed between 2000 and to present day. All in all, Wigginsville is an affordable and lovely neighborhood that would be perfect for any family or individual.

Wigginsville is also an excellent community that is known for its high concentration of mobile homes. In fact, Wigginsville has more mobile homes than 97.0% of all communities across the United States. In addition, 37.0% of the housing in the Wigginsville community is classified as being a mobile home.

Wigginsville is a neighborhood in the United States that bucks the trend of most American households having at least one car. 20.7% of the Wigginsville neighborhood’s households don’t own any car at all. This rate of carless households in this Conroe neighborhood is higher than what is found in 95.4% of neighborhoods across the country. There are multiple reasons why a household might choose not to own a car. For some, it is a matter of finances –maintaining and owning a vehicle can be expensive. Others may live in an area with good public transportation options, making car ownership unnecessary.

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