The Woodlands Art League

The Woodlands Art League, sometimes referred to as WAL, is a non-profit organization with its headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas. Its members come from all around the Montgomery County area, including The Woodlands itself. Teaching, programs, demonstrations, exhibitions, and community involvement are all part of the League’s mission, as is the formation of an arts community that is dedicated to fostering and promoting the work of local artists. 

The League’s goal is to advance the cause of and interest in the visual arts. WAL is an organization that is entirely run by its member volunteers. The organization is a wonderful place to network with other local artists, find an audience for your work, and cultivate friendships that will last a lifetime.

The Woodlands Art League first started holding meetings at Trinity Episcopal Church in 1981, when it only had a small number of members. Local artists were asked to perform for the congregation as they sat in the pews of the church to show off their skills. Along the walls of the sanctuary was a collection of artwork that was on display. And the league continued to expand. 

As WAL continued to expand and flourish, meeting places were moved to accommodate the organization. WAL was able to establish a working relationship with the Woodlands Corporation, which subsequently offered the organization some office space. One of the locations was the Wharf, which is located in The Village of Grogan’s Mill. WAL created a gallery in this location using the space they had available.

By 1984, the WAL had more than 100 members on its roster of performers. Because of the organization and sponsorship of art classes, there is now a requirement for additional space. That space was supplied by a mental health facility located along Interstate 45. Gallery space was available in the building that houses the Woodlands Inn. WAL started sponsoring workshops at the national level, and some of the first presenters included Tom Browning, Mary J. Cox, Bill K., Bob Rohm, Betty Carr M., Bobbie Kilpatrick, among others.

In 1985, a brand-new art gallery was established at Montgomery College. WAL started holding regular exhibitions on a quarterly basis, with members attending the Gallery on a daily basis.

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