Sterling Ridge

Sterling Ridge is among many luxurious neighborhoods offering a high living standard. With its median real estate price at over $1M – higher than 98.7% of the communities across Texas and 95.0% of the neighborhoods across the U.S – it comes with plenty to spend on your new home.

I bet you’re wondering how this story continues…well there are even more extraordinary features about our community, such as excellent schools and top-ranked universities nearby, which means kids can get educated while still being close by once they need something from school or family; lots more shopping options than most places would offer due solely because we have two major department stores right here within walking distance from each other–talk about convenience.

Maintaining a home is costly and can be difficult. The Sterling Ridge community understands this all too well, which explains why the average rental price in our neighborhood currently hovers around $2234 per month. That’s higher than 84% of communities across Texas, making it clear that the Sterling Ridge community is an expensive place to call home.

The beautiful suburban Sterling Ridge community is a perfect place for residents who want to reside in an area with plenty of space. There are large homes that can accommodate up to four people, as well as medium-sized properties made just right if you’re looking at yourself starting your own family soon or would like some more privacy than what’s offered by other smaller apartments around town.

The Sterling Ridge community is one of the best places to live in The Woodlands. With so many newer houses, it’s easy for residents here to have access not only own but also rent their home or apartment at reasonable rates due to its location just outside downtown near all amenities and famous attractions.

The residential real estate in the Sterling Ridge community is largely owned by its residents. The newest homes are mostly found on spacious lots, with some older properties located around the perimeter of this community that were built between 1970 and 1999; most recently, though, there have been plenty more construction sites where new houses can be seen almost every day.

In addition, one way that the Sterling Ridge neighborhood really stands out is by having more large four-bedroom homes and real estate than 98% of all neighborhoods in America. As you walk or drive around this area, there will be no doubt about how big our houses here are because they’re so visible.

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