Sterling Ridge East

In the U.S., there are countless neighborhoods that have a lower price range than Sterling Ridge East; however, it has been ranked as one of America’s most expensive areas for real estate prices.

In the neighborhood of Sterling Heights, you’ll find a suburban community with an eclectic mix of homes. The median price for these properties is $990K which makes it more costly than 90.3% of the neighborhoods across Texas and 82.5% across the U.S.

A lot can be said about how this community lives up to its name – from luxury cars visible on every corner down to extravagant homes equipped by top chefs (and if you don’t believe us, then just ask any celebrity). The people who reside here tend not only to own big pieces of-“everything” but also work each day tirelessly, so they never miss another opportunity or obligation without first making sure everything else falls into place accordingly.

In the Sterling Ridge East community of the The Woodlands, TX, you can expect to pay a higher price for rentals than in most other neighborhoods. The average monthly rental cost is currently $2,360 – higher than 87.8% of the communities across Texas – which makes it among those special places where life seems more expensive, but it also holds true that this area has many amenities, including excellent schools and great recreation options too.

Imagine living in a gated suburban community with lush green landscapes and picturesque views. The Sterling Ridge East community is perfect for those looking to commute or have their own private spa-like space, as it has large (four+ bedroom) single-family homes as well as apartment complexes/high-rise apartments that range from one-bedroom all the way up to four bedrooms.

The Sterling Ridge East community is ideal if you’re looking for something in between large homes and apartments. There are plenty of four-bedroom houses as well, but also some three-bedroom options that will fit most families’ needs.

The neighborhood of Sterling Ridge East is home to many different types of homes. There are newer, more recent construction Residences located in the area as well as older properties that were built between 1970 and 1999 – providing you with plenty of choices.

Living in the Sterling Ridge East neighborhood is a more distinctive experience than most other communities. This single-neighborhood has higher concentrations of married couples and children compared to 99%+ U.S neighborhoods, meaning you’re likely going to find someone who shares your lifestyle or interests here.

The college-educated adults in the Sterling Ridge East communities are a unique characteristic of this area. 86% have received at least an undergraduate degree, which is much higher than average for U.S neighborhoods (32.9%). The rates here exceed 99 percent from all across America.

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