Tile & Grout Cleaning

Dirty tile and grout is unsightly and really tough to clean and maintain. Even trying to clean it can be time consuming and backbreaking. Let our expert technicians clean, treat, and seal your tile and grout the right way using our premium quality tools, products, and equipment. See below to learn more how we can help!

At ViperTech, our tile and grout cleaning service will make your beautiful stone and tile spaces look like new. While the tile itself is a hard surface, the grout is porous, and can absorb dirt and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Our powerful cleaning methods will extract the dirt and bacteria leaving the surface clean. We finish with a color or clear sealant for the grout. This leaves the grout sealed and protected from future dirt, bacteria, and permanent stains.

How do you clean my tile and grout?

We use our hot water pressure system to get the deepest clean. ViperTech only uses state of the art, truck mounted equipment. Inferior equipment can’t always get the deep dirt embedded, especially in the porous grout. Our superior equipment provides optimal cleaning results when getting rid of dirt, bacteria, germs, mold, grime, spills and other unsightly contaminants. Combine that with our expert certified technicians and the results are beautifully restored tile and grout.

What are the benefits to sealing my tile and grout?

Upon your request, our technicians can apply a safe and powerful clear sealer to protect your grout against staining. The sealant acts as a shield against future stains and spills. This is highly recommended especially in entry ways, bathrooms, and other high traffic areas. A color grout sealant is used to restore any permanently stained grout. When aggressive steam cleaning methods are not able to restore the tile and grout surface to the original color, (due to permanent staining), color grout sealant becomes the next best option to restore your grout to like new condition.

Who will clean my tile and grout? I have kids and many valuables in my home!

Our tile and grout cleaning technicians are all screened by Ask The Seal (theseal.com) which is a third party company which conducts criminal backgrounds on all our workers. The screening process identifies history of assault, sex offenders, and theft. Anyone we hire must meet these strict screening requirements. We invest our time and money into this important process to make sure that you, our customer, are completely safe and secure. Be aware that, many companies say that they run criminal background checks, but in reality do not. You can verify ViperTech right this moment at theseal.com!

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing Service:
  • Powerful but safe, hot-water pressure scrubbing.
  • Deep cleans grout without damaging it.
  • Removes dirt buildup, residue, bacteria, grime and much more.
  • After cleaning, sealant protects and guards grout from future soiling.
  • Rejuvenates stone and tile to its original beauty.

Thank you for trusting ViperTech to be your residential tile and grout cleaning experts. Whether Humble tile and grout cleaning, Kingwood tile and grout cleaning, or any other local city resident needing our professional tile and grout cleaning service, just give us a call and we’ll gladly provide a free no obligation over the phone or on site consultation! Call today for a free quote (281) 973-5721.

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