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Duct cleaning is important. It helps keep your furnace running efficiently, saving you money, and improves your air quality. See more below how ViperTech can help!

Do I need my Air Ducts cleaned?

Air ducts can contain bacteria, dust mites, fungi, pollen, mold and a variety of other pollutants that can’t be seen with the human eye and can contribute to allergies and airborne illnesses.  In addition, dirty air ducts can cause your furnace to work harder.   Some of the disadvantages of dirty air ducts are:

  • Airflow in home may be reduced in some areas.  This may cause higher energy consumption and an increased utility bill.  This may also cause uneven distribution of heating and cooling.
  • HVAC Wear and Tear.  Any system which has to work harder is subject to additional wear and tear, which can lead to expensive replacements and repairs.
  • Health Problems due to Allergens.  Any allergens (pollen, mold, dander) is flowing through your air ducts and can be on the inside of the Air Ducts.        

Advantages to cleaning air ducts are:

  • Improved HVAC efficiency
  • Better air quality
  • Extension of HVAC systems’ lifespan
  • Possibly lowering your utility bills, in addition with routine maintenance

The EPA has stated that you should consider having your ducts cleaned if there is substantial mold growth inside the ducts, the ducts are infested with vermin, or the ducts are clogged with dust and debris.

Will clean Air Ducts save money in the long run?

Absolutely! Imagine trying to win a race with a car that has a parachute on the back of it while racing against other cars without one. Obviously, the car with the parachute on the back would be slower and the engine is working harder, which costs more in gas and tire maintenance. The same is true when keeping a clogged air filter on your furnace or neglecting to clean your air ducts. When your furnace pushes air through clogged or dirty air ducts, the airflow is slowed considerably, causing the furnace to work harder. Clean air ducts improve the efficiency of your furnace, extending its life and saving you money on your utility bill.

I have allergies and/or asthma, can ViperTech help?

Many people suffer from allergies and asthma. While you can’t control the air outside your home, Air Duct Cleaning can help control the pollen, pet dander, dust and other allergens within your home.  Keeping clean air ducts can help remove these allergens.  

The air seems fine in my home.  I have a new home and really efficient furnace!

It’s important to begin air duct cleaning maintenance early. The famous saying “ignorance is bliss” is far from true. It’s impossible to actually see the air quality in your home. A carbon monoxide leak in a home isn’t often noticed until someone gets sick. Carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless, just as home air pollutants are and this is why we stress air duct cleaning.

You can get a free consultation by our ViperTech air duct experts anytime. 

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Can ViperTech help?

Yes! ViperTech is passionate about helping our customers receive a professional Air Duct Cleaning service for a reasonable price. Whether in Humble, Kingwood, Baytown, League City, or some other location in the Houston Area, we’ve got you covered. Our workers are highly trained and experienced and can take care of your air duct needs. Call today for a free quote or consultation (281) 973-5721!

ViperTech Air Duct Cleaning will…
  • Improve the air quality by removing contaminants from the “lungs” of your home.
  • Save you money and keep your furnace system running at tip top shape!
  • Create a healthier living place!
  • Eliminate bacteria, dust mites, fungi, pollen, mold and other pollutants.

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