North Grove / Skylight Timbers

The North Grove / Skylight Timbers is a fantastic suburban neighborhood that has some of the most expensive real estates around. The median price for homes here comes out to just $841,720, which makes it more expensive than 94.9% of the neighborhoods across Texas and 88.5 percent across the U.S.- but don’t worry; you’re still able to get your hands on an awesome house.

The cost of renting an apartment in this suburban area is higher than in most neighborhoods across Texas. The average monthly rental price here sits at $3,759 – which makes it higher than 99% of neighborhoods across Texas.

The neighborhood of North Grove is an idyllic spot for those who want to live in the country but still have all the urban amenities such as shops and restaurants within walking distance. It’s also close enough so you can walk or ride your bike there without having too much trouble with traffic.

The North Grove / Skylight Timbers community is among the most desirable in The Woodlands. Many homes here have recently been built or remodeled, making them modern and stylish! There are as well many older beautiful residences that were constructed between 1970 – 1999; these offer timeless charm with their classic architectural features such as hardwood flooring throughout bedrooms & living areas (in some cases).

The North Grove / Skylight Timbers community is a very unique and desirable place to reside in the The Woodlands, Texas area. The low rate of vacancies shows how much demand there really has been for homes here, but because land use regulations could be an issue, some people might not want more inventory on the market – which would mean higher prices as well.

The neighborhood of North Grove / Skylight Timbers is a highly sought-after area because of its proximity to downtown and major highways. In addition, most homes in this newer development were constructed after 1999, which makes them more appealing than older properties with lower quality construction materials or designs that might be found elsewhere on the block.

A whopping 87% percent here represent new builds – meaning they haven’t been around long enough for many residents’ families to grow exponentially over time yet still maintain their pristine look thanks to frequent renovations undertaken by owners who care about keeping up appearances.

The North Grove / Skylight Timbers community is quite interesting. This area has more large four, five, or 6+ bedroom homes than 97% percent of all other neighborhoods in America. When you walk around this block, it’s easy to see why people would want one of these huge houses – they’re really something else.

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