Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Garden

Thelma and Charles Mercer founded the Mercer Gardens, located in Humble, Texas area. They showcase flora from the Texas Gulf Coast and are located next to Cypress Creek. A variety of theme gardens are also available, including a Prehistoric Garden, a Crinum Collection, a Fern Garden, a Daylily Collection, a Bamboo Collection, and a Louisiana Iris Collection.

Although the Mercers used 14.5 acres of the site for their house and garden, Harris County later bought the property and enlarged it to include many well-maintained hiking routes, a butterfly house, restrooms, and picnic spaces. Due to its stunning beauty, it attracts a lot of tourists. It offers a glimpse of heaven because it is surrounded by colorful flowers, lush grass, plants, and trees. People who like nature and those searching for some exercise activities both adore it. You feel revitalized by the fresh air. This park is a great place to unwind for a few hours after a stressful day.

The biggest collection of natural and cultivated plants in the area may be found at the nationally renowned arboretum and botanical garden. Highlights include uncommon camphor daisies, brilliant pink camellias, natural Dogwood trees, and orchid trees. Bring a picnic and spend the day seeing birds like Cardinals, Black-capped Chickadees, and brilliant Pine Warblers as they fly overhead.

The gardens feature a Prehistoric Garden, Perennial Gardens, a Tropical Garden, a Playground, Picnic Tables, Walking Paths, a Gift Shop, an Endangered Species Garden, a Herb Garden, an Azalea Trail, Hills, a Bald Cypress Pond, a Bamboo Garden, a Hickory Bog, the Jake Roberts Maple Collection, a Rock Garden, the William D. Lee Iris Collection, the Post Oak Uplands. 

The Mercer Society houses the Mercer Botanic Garden. It is a free botanical garden and arboretum, financed by the county and volunteers. There are restrooms there. Parking is free. Across the street is the arboretum. Ponds and lovely scenery may be found there. A horticultural marvel is the Mercer Botanic Gardens. The biggest known collection of native and exotic cultivated plants may be found in these more than 400 acres of East Texas Piney Woods. It is a living museum and is also a haven for a variety of animals.

Do not miss to go to the park side if you want to have a stroll in the woods where you can see deer, armadillos, and beautiful birds. Take a stroll through the botanic gardens if you want to see lovely flowers and landscaping.

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