Honea / Keenan

Honea / Keenan is a beautiful suburban community situated in Conroe, Texas. The median real estate price in the area is $339,665, which is more costly than 63.3% of other communities across Texas and 50.6% across the United States.

The monthly average rental price for an apartment in the Honea / Keenan community is $2,203. The monthly median rental cost in this Conroe community is higher than 83.8% of other communities in Texas.

This beautiful Conroe community offers residents a more suburban feel than most other places in Texas. According to its population density, Honea / Keenan is classified as a suburb.

Most homes in the Honea / Keenan area are owner-occupied, with only a small percentage of residences being rented out. If you’re considering a suburban community in Conroe, Texas, that offers residents a higher quality of life, Honea / Keenan may be the perfect place for you.

The picturesque neighborhood of Honea / Keenan is made up of mostly medium to small-sized homes and apartment buildings. The majority of this Conroe neighborhood’s residential real estate is owner-occupied. Many of this beautiful community’s residences were built fairly recently, with many being constructed between 2000 and the present day. There are as well a number of historic residences that were constructed between 1970 and 1999. In general, the Honea / Keenan community is a relatively new and modern area.

The people residing in the Honea / Keenan community in Conroe have an upper-middle-class income, which puts it above the average income level for neighborhoods in America. Furthermore, a lower percentage of kids live in poverty here when compared to 61.9% of other communities across the United States. Only 6.4% of youngsters aged seventeen and below are living below the United States’ poverty line. This is because of the higher incomes residents earn in this Conroe area.

The beautiful Honea / Keenan neighborhood is an ideal location to reside in if you’re considering a career in executive, management, or professional occupations. About 36.8% of the neighborhood’s residents is employed in these fields, making it the most key occupational group in the area.

Sales and service jobs are also plentiful in the Honea / Keenan community, with 35.9% of its residents being employed in these industries. In addition, manufacturing and laborer occupations make up 14.4% of the neighborhood’s employment opportunities, while the clerical, assistant, and tech support positions account for 12.8% of jobs.

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