Deerwood is a beautiful suburban community situated in Conroe, Texas. The average monthly rental price in the Deerwood neighborhood is $1,526, lower than 47.8 percent of neighborhoods across Texas.

The median real estate price in Deerwood is $208,132, more costly than 42.2 percent of the neighborhoods across Texas and 31.7% across the United States. However, Deerwood is an amazing neighborhood to reside in for those who desire to be close to Conroe but still have the peace and quiet of a suburban neighborhood.

Deerwood is a fantastic neighborhood made up of mostly medium-sized to large mobile homes and single-family residences. The real estate here is perfect for families as most of the homes are owner-occupied. Many of the homes in Deerwood were constructed between 1970 and 1999, but a fair number of newer construction homes are also present. This is definitely a Conroe neighborhood on the rise that any family would be happy to call home.

The residential real estate in Deerwood is made up mostly of mobile homes. In fact, 51.6 percent of the neighborhood’s occupied real estate is mobile homes, which is a greater percentage than is found in 99.1 percent of the communities across the U.S. If you’re considering a neighborhood with multiple mobile homes, Deerwood might be an excellent choice. Deerwood’s mobile homes give the neighborhood a unique feel.

People residing in the Deerwood neighborhood are lower-middle-income earners. The average income in this below-average neighborhood is lower than that of 65.3% of neighborhoods in the United States. Additionally, 1.5% of kids aged 17 and below live below the U.S. poverty line – a lower rate than in 78% of neighborhoods across the United States.

Consequently, the Deerwood neighborhood is a prime example of an underprivileged area in the country. Despite these statistics, the Deerwood neighborhood is still home to many hard-working individuals and families. The residents here are incredibly tight-knit, often coming together to assist one another in times of need.

Residents in this Conroe neighborhood enjoy access to a variety of employment opportunities. The most common occupations are in manufacturing and as laborers, making up over 38 percent of the employed population. 

Additionally, executive, management, and professional positions make up 23.2 percent of employed residents. Clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations are also well represented here, with 18.8 percent of the workforce employed in these roles. Finally, sales and service jobs comprise 18.6 percent of all employment opportunities in Deerwood. This diversity in occupations helps to ensure that residents of all interests and skillsets can find employment in the area.

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