Cut and Shoot

Cut and Shoot is a picturesque suburban community situated in Conroe, TX area. Its median real estate price is $191,432, higher than 41.3% of the communities across Texas and 29.6% across the U.S.

The average monthly rental price in the Cut and Shoot community is $1,360, lower than 60.3% of neighborhoods across Texas, making it an affordable place to live. In addition, the community is close to conveniences like shopping and dining and is a great neighborhood to call home.

The Cut and Shoot neighborhood is made up of mostly medium-sized to small mobile homes and single-family residences. The majority of this Conroe community’s residential properties are owner-occupied. The age range of the houses in the Cut and Shoot neighborhood is between 1970 and 1999, with a few houses constructed after 2000. This makes for a well-established but not old community.

The mobile homes in this Conroe subdivision tend to be newer than the city average, giving the area an updated feel. In addition, many of these properties have been well-maintained by their owners. This quiet and family-friendly Conroe community is close to shopping and other amenities.

The neighborhood of Cut and Shoot is notable for having a high residential real estate proportion made up of mobile homes. In fact, mobile homes make up 63.6% of the occupied real estate here, which is a greater concentration than is found in 99.7% of communities across the United States. If you’re considering residing in an excellent community with many mobile homes, Cut and Shoot may be the perfect location for you to look for real estate.

The residents of the beautiful Cut and Shoot neighborhood are known for their hard work. Whether selling products or offering services, these residents keep the local economy running. In fact, sales and service workers make up a higher percentage of the Cut and Shoot neighborhood population than in 98.2% of all neighborhoods across America. The hard-working residents of the Cut and Shoot area fuel the local economy and make this community an excellent place to live.

The Cut and Shoot neighborhood is a moderate-income neighborhood with middle-income residents. This moderate-income neighborhood has a higher income than 54.4 percent of other neighborhoods across America.

Additionally, the Cut and Shoot neighborhood has a lower rate of childhood poverty than 56.6 percent of other U.S. neighborhoods, with 14.1 percent of children living below the U.S. poverty line. Consequently, the Cut and Shoot neighborhood is an excellent community to reside in for families with children.

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