Conroe Art League Madeley Gallery

The Conroe Art League (CAL) in Historic Downtown Conroe is a venue for the visual arts that hosts revolving exhibitions flaunting the work of local artists. The gallery really has quite a few of the displayed works of art available for purchase.

In addition, the Madeley Gallery offers a variety of seminars and classes, ranging anywhere from canvas quilling to water-color painting. A huge chunk of the workshops consist of 1-day classes for which individuals can sign up in advance, before making their trip to Conroe. By the end of the day, visitors will have acquired new artistic abilities.

The goals of the CAL are to “promote the personal development and creative endeavors of its members, to set a high level of ethics and collaboration among their members, and to give the community access to high-quality artistic experiences”. The City of Conroe allows for the use of this historic structure in order to house the CAL Gallery. They take part in a variety of community activities and outreach programs, and they would be delighted to have individuals join them in their efforts to make art accessible to everyone.

If you are a member, you have the opportunity to exhibit your work at the stunning Gallery located in Conroe, Texas. The “Take in” dates are included into their calendar. Further more, members have the opportunity to exhibit their work in the County Commissioners Courthouse, City Hall, and the facility that houses the Conroe Visitors Bureau. Other fantastic perks include the opportunity to participate in juried shows while learning new crafts or refining the one you already possess, entering banner contests, displaying your artwork remotely as well as hosting your own mini-show.

Individuals are cordially invited to become members of the CAL Community Facebook Group. Group members could be friends, relatives, art enthusiasts, sponsors, patrons, volunteers, or even members of the California Arts League (CAL). Education, exhibitions, and engagement with the local community are the primary avenues via which the CAL seeks to fulfill its objective (fostering artistic growth while fostering an appreciation for the visual arts).

Visit them and they’ll give you a tour of the gallery! There are options available for both individual and group tours of the gallery. They would like to offer a special invitation to the gallery for a tour, light refreshments, and an art demonstration if you would let them know if you have a neighborhood paper or an email blog. On the streets, parking is only allowed for a maximum of two hours, but there is free parking available in specific areas of the downtown area.

It is possible to submit a request for the Gallery to host a Mini Show for a group of up to 5 artists for a period of up to 7 days. All of the participating artists are required to be regular adult members of CAL who are in good standing and who have exhibited work at the gallery within the previous twelve months.

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