Cochran’s Crossing

The rich and famous tend to reside in high-priced neighborhoods, but you can also find some pretty great properties if your budget is more realistic. The Cochran’s Crossing neighborhood has a median real estate price of $677K, which means it costs more than 93% of other communities across Texas and 83.9 percent across the United States.

The beautiful, lush green landscapes of Cochran’s Crossing community are a stark contrast to the vast desert that surrounds it. This calm, safe haven is home not only for some very wealthy people but also for many middle-class families who have made this their permanent residence over time because there truly isn’t anything else like it anywhere else in Texas or even across America.

The average monthly rental price in this suburban area is $3,991. The cost of renting an apartment here seems high compared to other Texas areas- it’s more than 99% higher. This is the rent prices in the Cochran’s Crossing community. The average monthly rental price here has been around $3,991, but it can be higher or lower varying on where you reside and what type of property management company handles your apartment complex (for instance, larger chain stores might charge more).

The beautiful, serene setting that is Cochran’s Crossing offers residents a perfect place to call home. From large single-family homes with ample space for family gatherings or small apartments where you can crowd more people than usual into one unit – there really isn’t anything this community won’t accommodate.

The land in Cochran’s Crossing is perfect for those who want a large home with plenty of space. You’ll find that there are diverse options when it comes to real estate here, from single-family homes and small apartments all the way up to five-bedroom houses.

The Cochran’s Crossing neighborhood is a great place to call home, with many diverse types of properties available. From established houses that were constructed between 1970 and 1999 all the way up to newly constructed homes in 2000 or later, there really are no limits on what you can find here.

This The Woodlands neighborhood’s people are some of the wealthiest and most well- amenities around. Real estate here always stays valued because it’s maintained so beautifully, with cars that mirror those from luxury brands like Mercedes or Audi commonly seen on roadsides too! And if your kids aren’t getting enough education at public schools? There’re plenty more options for them outside – not just private prep schools but also top-ranked universities nearby.

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