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Carpets, over time, get dirty.  Despite our best efforts in keeping our carpets clean, wearing no shoes and having no pets, they still get dirty.  Dust, hair and dust mites are living in your carpet. And, as you walk on it, this gets ground into the very fibers.  Sure, you can vacuum and we certainly encourage that, but for that deep clean that only industrial machines can offer, we encourage a professional carpet cleaning job at least once a year.   This will take the ground in deep dirt up and out of the carpets.

We offer Carpet Cleaning for Atascocita, Texas.  We believe the best way to a clean home is through the professionals.  Ordering our services is a simple process and we are happy to come to your home and clean all of your carpets with ease.  We are professionals that treat our clients and their personal belongings with the utmost respect.

What will I need to do to prepare?

When ordering Atascocita carpet cleaning solutions you will need to prepare the area that you’d like cleaned.  First, go through and declutter, this will help with the next few steps. Everything that doesn’t need to be in the room should be put away.  For some, the decluttering process can take a minute, while other people don’t live with much clutter and this step can almost be skipped. Those with children, this means all their toys as well as blankets and other things that come with being a parent.  


The next step is to remove all light furniture.  This means the lamps, end tables, and other furniture.  The goal is to have the room empty by the time our technicians are ready to clean your carpets.  The fewer items they have to work around, the better results you will get with this service. Our technicians are trained and insured to clean carpets, however, they are not trained to move furniture.

Experts in Carpet Cleaning

We focus on making our teams experts at the carpet cleaning business.  This training will help them get the various spots up from carpets as well.  Most spots will come up with our treatments, however, there is not a guarantee we can get everything removed.  If you are stubborn spot or stain, be sure to let us know, if you can, what the stain is from. This helps us better determine our weapon of choice to get the stain lifted.  


We will be coming in with some rather large equipment as well.  So, if you could have the area from the entry to the area that needs to be cleaned, cleared, that would be most helpful.  Our concern is we do not want to accidentally break or ruin something in the process of setting up. This will help your personal belongings remain safe.  We are there to simply and with ease make your carpets look amazing again. And, of course, if there are any breakables that vibration or moving of equipment might harm, please put those in a safe place until we are complete.  

Let us get your carpets looking and smelling great again!  We are the carpet cleaners in Atascocita, Texas.




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