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Despite all your efforts, your carpets get dirty and fall victim to spills, drops, accident and whatever has been hanging out on the bottom of your shoes.  Sure, you vacuum daily and try to keep up with these spills. However, over time the carpet starts to have random spots and a haze that seems to cover and mute the beautiful colors.  That’s why we offer Splendora TX Carpeting Cleaning solutions, to take your prized investment and make it look new again. 

This day and age, carpets are recommended to be cleaned every 6 months, and more often for heavily used carpets.  If you have rooms that aren’t used that often, it is okay to go a little longer as well.

Carpets are the first thing that you notice when entering a home.  And, this is especially true for those that have really soiled and dirty carpets.  Dirty carpets tend to make the entire room feel dirty. When there are spots and stains throughout the carpet it can be embarrassing, but there is hope.  We work with our clients to determine what those spots are and the most effective way to pretreat them and get them removed. Despite our best efforts, spots and stains aren’t always lifted and removed.  But, we do try our best and have more success than not. 

Once we worked on the stains, we pretreat the entire carpet.   This is a step that many carpet cleaners will skip. However, it is a very important step in getting your carpets looking their very best.  Pre-treatment will help loosen up the dirt and grime. We pretreat the entire area and not just the spots and stains, like some other Splendora Carpet Cleaning companies TX.  Once the area is pretreated it is time for the deep cleaning. 

Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning

We work with all industrial cleaners that are safe for you and your pets.  We believe in safety and love pets just as much as you. Pets walk all over the carpet and lick their paws, which is why it is important that your professional carpet cleaner is aware that you have pets.   Solutions should not be used that are not safe for them to walk on and eventually clean themselves. And, we understand and do just that.

Our Splendora carpet cleaners are not professional movers and will not move your furniture and other belongings off of the carpets that need cleaning.  This is a completely different service that our company is not set up to manage. However, we will give you some of the best-looking carpets you’ve seen in a long time.  We focus our attention more on the specific training of nothing but cleaning carpet. Should you have a large piece of furniture that you cannot move, we will do our best to work around it.  This is not the ideal situation, but we have worked like this many times.

If you are tired of looking at the spotted, stained and dirty carpet, give Splendora carpet cleaning services a call.  We work with all kinds of various types of carpet as well as with various types of spots and stains. We understand that pets and kids provide us with job security and do our best to have your carpets looking as if they were never there.  Call now!

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