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Carpets, being a major determinant in the aesthetic appearance of an apartment, should be properly cleaned at timely intervals. Carpet Cleaning can be a delicate task. All carpets are not made of the same material and therefore it is important to understand the peculiarity of a material before embarking on a cleaning process. This becomes even more delicate in cases of removing special stains as a number of other factors then have to be considered. ViperTech Carpet Cleaning offers Premium Carpet Cleaning in League City. We are a top brand when it comes to Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning and Duct cleaning in League City.

Several methods can be used in cleaning carpets. Selecting the perfect method to be used in cleaning a carpet would depend on a number of factors; type of carpet, type of stain amongst other factors. Most manufacturers recognize the fact that clean carpets are more aesthetically pleasing and tend to last longer and even offers owner more health benefits. As professionals in Carpet Cleaning in League City, we understand these benefits and help our clients enjoy them. Understanding the factors involved in cleaning carpets, we are able to offer proper carpet cleaning services in League City without compromising the quality of the carpet.

Several methods are used in the cleaning of carpets and removal of stains and allergens from carpets. Some methods involve the use of water (or some other solvents in the removal of certain stains) while some others do not involve the use of any fluids (Dry methods). However, some of the other methods that can be used include;


  • Hot Water Extraction

The Hot Extraction method is more commonly used and recommended industrially. It may involve the use of a steam cleaning process. This should not be mistaken for the hot water soil extraction process which is often erroneously referred to as the HWE is some places. In the Hot Water Extraction process, hot water and detergent is sprayed on the carpet at the same time and the water and detergent are then removed from the Carpet alongside any other dissolved dirt in the carpet. A number of manufacturers and cleaning professionals recommend this method due to the fact that it is quite efficient. The Hot Water Extraction process removes dirt lodged deep within the Carpet. Using actual Steam as is the case in some variants of the method can damage the fibers of some types of carpet or alter the characteristics of some other types of Carpet. Hence, it is important to know the material used to manufacture the Carpet and understand the recommended methods of cleaning by the manufacturer. For instance, some woven carpets would shrink when exposed to high heat. These and all other problems associated with this method can be avoided by simply consulting experienced professionals to handle the cleaning of your carpet. Also, hot water extractions equipment may require connection to an electrical outlet and therefore might not be convenient to use in some instances. However, the Hot Water Extraction process is more advantageous over cold water extraction due to the fact that the extra heat would help improve the dissolution of spots and stains in carpets. The Extraction process is the most pertinent process in the Hot Water Extraction method of cleaning Carpets. Proper extraction helps prevent a number of drying problems. Drying after the Hot Water Extraction can be achieved using Vacuums. Also, the time of Drying can be reduced using de-humidifiers or fans.

Other specialized machines can also be used in drying carpets. These systems are broadly categorized as Very Low Moisture (VLM) system. A number of these systems are also used in dry-cleaning.

  • Use of Dry Compounds

Also, a number of compounds can also be used in the cleaning process. Such compounds have to be biodegradable, slightly moist and advanced. In special cases of particular stains in small areas, these compounds are often used. They can be applied using small sponges or brushes. Some of these compounds act by dissolving the stain and some evaporate while other which do not can be removed using a vacuum cleaner. However, in some instances, it might be hard to remove all of the chemical substance. If not properly done, using chemical can lead to causing unwanted colouration and may even cause allergies in some instances. It is therefore recommended that only professional and experienced Carpet Cleaning agencies be allowed to clean your carpet using this method. Also, in instances where the chemical is not compatible with the carpet, being experts, the agency is able to identify the suitable chemical agents to be used and avoided in each cleaning project. Being one of the best names in Carpet Cleaning in League City, you can trust us to know the best methods for stain removal in your carpets.

  • Encapsulation

Encapsulation is another method used in stain removal in Carpet cleaning, it involves crystallizing dirt particles into dry residues upon which they can be suspended and rinsed away.

  • Vacuum Washing

Vacuum washing is similar to Hot Water Extraction methods only without the use of soap. A washhead is used to spray water on the carpet without any detergent and the water is immediately removed. This helps the removal of dirt alongside. An advantage of this method is a reduced drying time, as the water used in immediately reduced. It is also advantageous in that it avoids detergent residues in the carpet as no detergent is used at all.

Sometimes, Vacuum cleaners can be used directly without any application of water to the carpets. This method helps suck dust and dirt from the carpets and floors. Filtering systems collect dirt for later disposal. Some traditional home methods of carpet cleaning include the use of special home solvents to dissolve certain stains. Also, for removing candle wax stains, a towel can be placed over the affected area and steam is then applied. The wax with time is absorbed onto the towel.

Apart from our premium Carpet cleaning services, we also offer Tile and Grout cleaning, Air Ducts and Sofa Cleaning. Understanding that these equipment and spaces are not easily cleaned in the home, we help you achieve a thorough cleaning of these spaces using the most applicable method to your space. Over time, we have gained the necessary experience to understand the dynamics of cleaning these spaces. So, when it comes to helping you keep your home clean through Carpet Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning and sofa cleaning, you can depend on us to deliver the best service.


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