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Conroe Carpet Cleaning TX is here when you need us.  We work with all different types and styles of carpets and work hard to get them deep down clean.  Our carpets are important to the look and feel of the room. After all, they are one of the first things people notice when entering a room, especially if they are dirty. 

Dirty carpets make the entire room feel dirty, even if you vacuum every day.  Vacuuming on a daily basis is important for keeping the large particles of dirt up from the carpet.   It helps with pet hair, pet dander, and overall dirt, however, it isn’t enough in keeping the carpets looking and smelling its best.  

How often should Conroe Carpets be Cleaned?

Most manufacturers recommend you get your carpets cleaned once every 6 months.  However, if you are a busy household and have pets, it should be done more often.  But, if there is little activity in the room, less often is okay as well.  

You have done it, you have made the large investment into new carpet.  The look of it is simply gorgeous. However, with time it loses that “new” glow.  Eventually the colors become muted and there is a dirt haze over the carpet. You may not even notice it.  However, others might that are not seeing it every day, do. This is where we come in. We work with professional top of the line cleaning agents that are safe for you and your pets.

ViperTech will begin by vacuuming with our commercial grade vacuum that will suck out as much debris as possible. Then, we will do a pretreatment of the carpet. 

Carpet Cleaning Pretreatment Conroe TX

Our pretreatment isn’t just for the stain areas, however, we do hit those with some special solutions as well.  If you know what the stain is, it is important that you let us know, as this will give us the best result. However, if you are unsure of what the stain is, we can certainly help with that as well.  We work with our clients on a personal level which ensures we do the best job possible. This means we will ask questions and speak to you about the age of the carpet and other important information before we begin.   

We don’t just pretreat the stains though, we pretreat the entire carpet to ensure that it all gets that extra layer of cleanliness.  This helps loosen up all that is ground into the carpet and ensures a better outcome. Our goal is to wow you with your own carpet. Which is why this step is very important.  And, not all carpet cleaners include this step in with their quotes, so be sure that it is there for the best outcome.  

We are Conroe carpet cleaners and not furniture movers.  We do not move or empty a room for you, as this isn’t a part of the job.  However, we do ask that the room is free of furniture and other items before we begin.  Our machines are large and bulky so keeping an open path to the room will ensure nothing gets broken accidentally as well.  

If you want your carpet to look and smell it’s very best, give us a call!  We are proud to offer the best Conroe Carpet Cleaning Solutions.

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