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ViperTech Wipes The Floor With Their Competitors

ViperTech Wipes The Floor With Their Competitors

ViperTech Wipes The Floor With Their Competitors

ViperTech Mobile Carpet Cleaning has a long and successful history of cleaning carpets to a professional standard, garnering customer satisfaction with every job completed.  Established as early 2000’s, we brought our knowledge and expertise to the Humble, Kingwood, and Houston Markets.

Today, ViperTech utilizes the superb cleaning abilities of the Legend GT by Prochem. This carpet cleaning heavyweight is able to remove 98% of the water it uses to clean carpets. Unless you are using The Viper Carpet Cleaning Company, you won’t get this level of professionalism, as other carpet cleaning companies use cheaper, and inferior machines. With the Legend GT, your carpet dries much quicker, and with delightful results.

Many companies are happy to offer a decent carpet cleaning service, and have happy customers. ViperTech has much higher standards than this. Offering a superior service which leaves their customers delighted is something ViperTech strives to achieve on a daily basis.

ViperTech Mobile Carpet Cleaning uses trained staff to understand and assess your individual needs. Chat with any member of our company, and you will be impressed at not only our level of dedication to you and your requirements, but we will be happy to show you proper customer reviews and answer any questions you have regarding accidental insurance and our guarantees. All of this attention to detail will deliver results, which will genuinely exceed your expectations.


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