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All ViperTech Technicians are professionally trained and screened so you can rest easy knowing you and your loved ones are in good hands while your home receives first class service.

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Looking for a great cleaning for your business? ViperTech is the company for you. We have the flexibility, equipment, training and most importantly, the best customer service around!

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About ViperTech

ViperTech is a locally owned and operated business out of Humble, Texas. We proudly serve Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita, & Surrounding Cities. Our top of the line equipment paired with our superior technicians brings you 5-star service every time. We are confident that our service is unmatched by any of the competition, without the higher price tag!

Customer service is our highest priority, and we obtain all the key requirements to provide the best. With patience, knowledge, and attentiveness, our specialists are determined to work until the best result is reached EVERY TIME. We’re not happy unless you are!

Humble Carpet Cleaning

We offer professional carpet cleaning services for Humble, Kingwood, and surrounding areas.  Let’s get your carpets and upholstery looking its very best.  Don’t buy new, when all it needs is a good cleaning!  You would be surprised at how dirty your carpets actually are.  Most people vacuum daily or every other day but they still have this sort of haze that comes over their carpeting.  This is due to the dirt getting in deeper within the fibers.  However, our exclusive technology will help open those fibers up and get the dirt to come out.

Our carpets act as an air filter for our home and business.  When they are dirty, the entire place will get more dusty and dirty as well.  Take control of your home’s air quality with carpet cleaning services today. We offer residential and commercial carpet cleaning services but also offer duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, mattress, hardwood floors, vinyl and VCT, Area Rugs and Water damage and restoration services for Humble TX.  

Call ViperTech Carpet Cleaning Today!

ViperTech carpet cleaning is a family-owned and operated company that has been cleaning carpets in Humble for many years.  We are an insured and bonded company that wants to offer you the very best carpet cleaning Humble services available.   It is important as homeowners to get your carpets and ducts clean, which improves the home’s air quality at the same time.  If you have it all done at once you will notice a huge difference in the dust around your home as well.  Go ahead and make the call to get your home feeling smelling clean again.

Do you have pets?  All the more reason to get your carpets cleaned.  Pets bring in a lot of dirt and give off pet hair that can cause allergens to build up.  However, we can clean your carpets with ingredients that pet safe and clean all that pet hair from the carpets and duct work of your home.  It is a simple process that only takes a couple of hours to have a new clean home.  

Kingwood Carpet Cleaning can help make it look new again!

Are your floors all looking a bit dingy?  Our flooring, over time, no matter how clean the homeowners keep it, will eventually need a good professional cleaning.  We recommend that you have all your floors cleaned at least once a year. This is a process that will take a bit of time as we need to get all the furniture and anything on the floors out of the room we are working on.  However, we believe that you will notice a huge difference in allergies within your home. The air quality will improve.  Many people actually notice that their air filters in the furnace don’t get as dirty.   So, what are you waiting for?  Get those floors cleaned today, no matter if they are carpet, vinyl, hardwood, or tile.  We clean them all.

Is your bathroom getting a bit out of control?  Tile cleaning is another one of our specialties.  While the tile in your bathroom is cleaned by you, you may have noticed that there is no way to get the grout to look like it once did.  However, we can do that for you. We work with homeowners to bring their bathrooms back to life.

Carpet Cleaning Humble Services to clean up the tile poolside!

Do you have a tiled pool area?  The tile around a pool tends to get dingy and dirty rather quickly.  This can make the tile start to grow mildew and even moss.  However, we have worked with homeowners to get that tile look new again.  Your pool doesn’t have to look like it is old and unmaintained.  It is super simple too, you just need to schedule an appointment and tell us how to get in.  We don’t require a homeowner to be there if there is a simple way in through a gate. 

We do ask that you take all your poolside equipment and place it where there is not tile.  Our chemicals and processes are safe for your pool area, pets, and children as well. We understand that this area is walked on a lot with bare feet and wouldn’t want to use harsh chemicals to get the look you want.  

Call today and speak with us about your flooring problem.  We not only do flooring, but we can clean the tiles on the walls as well as the air ducts within your home or business.  We are a Kingwood carpet cleaning expert that does so much more.  Carpet Cleaning Kingwood services will bring your home to the modern-day.  Clean floors will make the entire room feel cleaner.  Go ahead, you know you’d like to have that pool area looking its best.  Or maybe your foyer isn’t as inviting as you might like.  Not a problem.  Getting everything cleaned up will make it all look bright and inviting.

Clean up spots and stains.

Do you have spots and stains all over your carpeting and furniture from the kids?  Kids are great! But, they tend to be a bit messy as well.  Once the kids are a bit older, splurge on getting those spots and stains out of your furniture and flooring. This will make the entire room look clean and fresh again.  Don’t waste money on new furniture when we can bring your old back to life.  We work with clients to determine what the stain is for better results.  So, if you have an idea, let us know, it certainly helps the process.  However, if you haven’t a clue, that’s okay too, we have our secret methods.

We take the time to go over everything with you.  We want you to be 100% satisfied with your Humble Carpet Cleaning experience.  It is important to us that we carry a great reputation in Humble and Kingwood as this is our home and we plan to continue to build this business over the years.  Because of this, we plan to meet and exceed everyone’s expectations.  If you are needing to spruce up your home for guests, give us a call and we are happy to help.

Call now for your Humble or Kingwood carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, air duct cleaning, and outdoor tile cleaning today. 

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